The Strelitzia is characterized by the big green unrolling leaves which grow in a fan shape.

The Nicolai come originally from South Africa and is related to the Musaceae. It is also known as the white paradisebirdplant.

We grow this plant a very strong green plant because the plant must be 10 meter high before giving flowers, so it does not flower.

The Strelitzia is cultivated in our nursery and is a very suitable for a good eye-catcher in your house.

Place the plant in a light environment but avoid direct sunlight. Older leaves can rip.


Lots of light, older plants possibly in direct sunlight.

Ideal airtemperature is 18 – 22 °C. Keep the soil moist and water it at roomtemperature.

Fertilize 2 times per month, during the winter 1 time per month

Our Product Range
We cultivate the Strelitzia in a 19cm pot with a length of 90cm, and in a 35cm pot with a length of 130cm.


19 - 3 pp
35 - 9 pp
75 cm
130 cm