The Musa Tropicana come originally from Asia. This compact growing plant is known for its light green unrolling leaves.

This tropical plant is related to the Musaceae and needs year round a moist environment and a warm spot with lots of light.

After a few years this plant can blossom and make fruit.


Lots of light, older plants also in direct sunlight; temperature 18 – 22 °C. During the winter period not lower as 12 °C

Prevent drought, keep the soil moist, water the plant 2 times per week.

Spray the plant occasionally with water.

Fertilize 2 times per month, a little with potting soil based on clay; during the winter 1 time per month.


Our Product Range
We cultivate the Musa Tropicana in een 17cm pot with a length of 45cm.



17 - 1 pp
45 cm