Very popular is the Musa Cavendish; the Bananatree. This fast growing plant is characterized by the green unrolling leaves whereupon a beautiful blue  haze and purple red spots visible are.

This tropical plant is related to the Musaceae and needs yearround a very moist air and a warm place with lots of light. Older plants can also be placed in direct sunlight.

During the summer the Musa can be placed outside, but avoid bright sunlight on the hottest of the day. Put the plant in a protected place, because due to strong wind the leaves can burst.


Lots of light, older plants possibly in direct sunlight.

Ideal airtemperature is 18 – 22 °C. In the winter no temperature under 12 °C Keep the soil moist and water it at roomtemperature twice a week.

Fertilize 2 times per month with potting soil based on clay, during the winter 1 time per month

Our Product Range
We cultivate the Musa Dwarf Cavendish  in a 21cm pot with a length of 90cm, and in a 35cm pot with a length of 130cm which can be used as eye-catcher in Garden Centre and Conventions.



21 - 1 pp
35 - 1 pp
90 cm
135 - 145 cm