Musa cavendish, the banana tree, is very popular. This fast growing plant is characterised by its green leaves that show a blue gloss and purple to red spots.The whole year, this tropical plant needs moist air. It also has to be placed in a room with plenty of light, older plants may even be placed in direct sunlight.

During a hot summer day, Musa cavendish may be placed outside, but avoid direct sunlight in the afternoon. Remind that the wind may not be too strong, otherwise the leaves will tear to pieces.


Plenty of light.
Ideal temperature 18 to 22 degrees Celsius, no temperature below 12 degrees Celsius in the winter.
Keep the soil moist, give water twice a week.
Sprinkle the plant with water regularly.
Fertilize slightly every fortnight, fertilize once every month during the winter.

Our assortment

We grow Musa  Cavendish as a house plant in a 24cm. pot about 100 centimeters high and also in a 35cm pot about 135 centimeters high, as an eye-catcher for garden centers or congresses.