This plant originally grows in Middle-America (Mexico) and belong to the family of Araceae. It is also known as Philodendron pertusum, “Mexican Breadfruit” or “Window Leaf”. The plant grows well under humid circumstances: the more humid the environment is, the bigger its leaves become. Monstera also stands dry air.The leaves of a young plant show incisions. Later, gaps will appear in the leaves of older plants. This will not happen when the plant is placed in a room without plenty of light. Roots that appear along the stem may be cut.Care
Plenty of light or semi-shade, cannot withstand strong sunlight.
Ideal temperature 18 to 22 degrees Celsius, moderate humidity (50 – 60 %), soil-warmth 25 to 30 degrees Celsius.
Avoid draughts.
Keep the soil moist but do not allow the soil to dry out, give water once a week.
Fertilize slightly once every fortnight, fertilize once every two months during the winter.

Our assortment
We grow Monstera Pertusum with moss poles of 80, 105 and 120 centimetres long.