Monstera comes originally from Middle America ( Mexico) and belongs to the family of the Araceae. This plant is also known as the “Swiss Cheese Plant”. The plant grows well in very moist circumstances, the more moist the environment, the bigger the leaf will be. But this plant can also bear a bit dryer air. The Deliciosa is also compared to the Monstera Pertusum, but these are

grown from cuttings. The Monstera Deliciosa is cultivated from seeds therefor ideal for growing as a bush. The leaves of a young plant show incision, later holes appear in the older leaves.

This does not happen if the plant is placed in a space which is too dark. Mat leaves will shine again when it will be cleared with buttermilk. Aerial roots which are formed at the older plants can be cut off.

What is the difference between the Monstera Deliciosa and the Monstera Pertusum ? :

Monstera Deliciosa is cultivated from seed and start its grow with forming very small leaves. Later the leaves will grow bigger. Also it will grow more notches and makes holes in its leaves, these leaves can grow very large. It makes some aerial roots and needs support at larger lenghts as of 80 cm.

The Monstera Pertusum is cultivated from cuttings and starts its grow in the final pot with larger leaves.  Often already with notches in the leave. This is a real climber, therefor needs a lot of support, mostly by using mosspoles. As the plant starts to grow larger as 120cm the first holes will appear in the leave. These leaves are slightly smaller as those of the Monstera Deliciosa.

The total structure and shape of the Monstera Pertusum is better to control than with the Monstera Deliciosa. This is because of uncontrolled grow.

Lots of light or partial shade, no direct sunlight.
Ideal airtemperature 18 – 22 °C, avoid cold air.

Water the plant once per week, soil must be kept moist. Firtilize once per 2 weeks, in the winter once per 2 months.

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Monstera Deliciosa is cultivated in a pot 21 with 70 cm lenght.


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