The Fuchsia originally grows in Middle-South-America. There are also varities found in New Zealand and Tahiti.
The Fuchsia belongs to the family of Onagraceae.
Almost all varities will be not any longer than 40cm. but in New Zealand they found a varity/tree of 15 meter.
The bell-shaped flowers are there in many colours.
This popular garden plant flowers during the summer until mid October.
The berries that the fuchsia after flowering produced are edible.Care
Plenty of light or semi-shade
Give water regular… Depends on the wetter.
Ideal temperature 12-30 degrees celcius.
Fertilize once every 2 weeks during the flowering season.
From October the 15th you can start pruning. You can prune back to the lignify parts and remove the old leaves. Place these plants during the winter frostfree.
Fuchsia’s which aren’t lignified can be cut in a form and you can leave the old leaves on the plant. Place these plants during the winter by 10-15 degrees celcius.
You can refresh soil from February the 15th and start fertilize from March 15th.
The plants can go outside after the nightfrost period.

Our assortment
Fuchsia’s are grown in the varities Jollie Nantes, Tinny and Rosalien in a 17cm pot.