The Alocasia Wentii is marked by beautiful dark leaves.

This tropical plant is related to the Aracea and needs  year round a moist environment and a warm spot with lots of light.

The Alocasia comes originally from South East Asia.
Place the plant in a spot where it has the space for an optimal tropical feeling.


Lots of light, temperature 18 – 22 °C. During the winter not lower than 12°C

Prevent drought, 1 – 2 times water the plant.

Spray the plant occasionaly with water.

During the growth season (spring-summer), fertilize 2 times per month, during the winter, 1 time per month.

Our Product Range
We cultivate the Alocasia Wentii in a 19cm pot with a length of 70cm and in a 35cm pot with a lenght of 100cm.

19 - 1 pp
35 - 3 pp
65 cm
90 cm