The Alocasia becomes very populair. The Portadora has very big leaves and brown-red stips on the stem.This tropical plant belong to the family of aracea and needs a humid environment with a lot of light but no direct sun light.
The alocasia is from origin of south-east Asia. This plant gives you an tropical feeling specially when you give it enough space!!Care
Ideal temperature 18 – 22 °C, During the winter no temperature below 12 °C.
Avoid draughts, give water twice a week.
Sprinkle the plant with water.
During growth (spring-summertime), fertilize every 2 weeks, during wintertime is once a month enough.Our assortment
We grow Alocasia Portadora in a 24cm. and a 35cm pot. The hight will be 90 and 135cm.