The Alocasia Lauterbachiana  is known for its beautiful waving leaves, where the petioles and the bottom of the leave is red coloured.

This tropical plant is related to the Aracea and needs year round a moist environment and a warm spot with lots of light.

The Alocasia comes originally from South East Asia.

Place the plant in a spot where it has the space for an optimal tropical feeling.


Lots of light, temperature 18 – 22 °C. During the winter period not lower as 12 °C

Prevent drought, water the plant 1-2 times per week.

Spray the plant occasionally with water.

During the growth season (spring-summer), fertilize 2 times per month, during the winter 1 time per month.

Our Product Range
We cultivate the Alocasia in een 19cm pot with a length of 85cm, and in a 35cm pot with a length of 100cm.


19 - 2 pp
35 - 6 pp
70 cm
100 cm