The Alocasia is getting more populair. The Calidore has beautiful big, green shiny leaves whith very thick steal sheet.
This tropical plant is related to the Aracea and needs a year round humid air and a warm place whit a lot of light.
The Alociasia is originally from Soud East Asia.
Put this, originally South East Asia, plant in a place that has the space for an optimal “tropical” feeling.Care
A lot of light, ideal temperature 18-22°C, during the winter no temperature below 12 °C.
Avoid draughts, give water twice a week.
Sprinkle the plant occaisionally with water.
During growth (spring-summertime), fertilize every 2 weeks, during wintertime is once a month enough.

Our assortment
We grow Alocasia Calidora in a 19 and a 35cm pot.