The company was founded by Arie Persoon in 1950 and grew tomatoes and salad. In 1980 Aad Persoon started growing green houseplants at the current location, and later together with his brother John Persoon built the company as it is now. 

The total area of ​​the company is 47,000 m². Approximately 6,500 m² of this is used for the in-house production of the basic material required for cultivation. Together with about 20 employees, they spend a lot of time and care on the cultivation of quality products. Aad: “We have been a member of Decorum Company for 20 years, an enthusiastic association with about 60 members. So we stand for a quality product and reliability. ”

The major part of the company then consists of new modern high greenhouses that are furnished according to current standards and standards. This will include a new commercial space with indoor docking areas, a spacious office layout and ample parking space.

All plants are grown on concrete floors that are equipped with the “ebb and flow system”. We also work with 3 screen installations per department that can screen independently and save energy. The moisture content is also maintained here by atomization. These are 3 examples within the company that show that we are working hard on an energy-efficient and environmentally conscious cultivation.