Persoon Potplanten started the MPS certification already from the founding of the nursery and obtained always the maximum A score,
We have a Low energy consumption by using Total energy systems and a balanced heating system. Due to the use of 3 screens each Department , facade screens and the use of heated concrete floors
We use a mimimal amount of plant protection products
The heated concrete floors were installed as EB /vloed floors. This means that all the water we use is reused and disinfected. Surface water outside the nursery cannot be polluted because discharge do not occur.
We separate all the waste. Green,plastic,cardboard and paper.
Since 2015, Persoon Potplanten is GAP and SQ certified.


Sponsoring of the local football club through a billboard and shirt sponsoring
Labels are assembled by handicaped and disabled workers
Plants are provided for charity
CO2 reduction by using CO2 gas from the industry of Rijnmond