bedrijf-buitenkantThe total area of the company is 47000m². Around 6500m² is used for young plants which are only for our own production.

Totally there are 20 employe’s. Together with the 2 brothers they spend a lot of time and care with the growing of a quality product. Aad:”We are a member of Decorum Plants for already 15 years. It’s an enthusiastic grower association with 70 members. We all stand for a quality product and reliability”.

The biggest part of our location is a modern glasshouse! We’ve also a new hall and a modern office.

musa-24c-overzichtAll plants are grown on a floor of concrete with an eb and flow system and we’ve 3 shadowinstallations so we can use them for all weather conditions.We have also a system to keep the humanity high so we create the best conditions for the plant to grow in.